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HELP I've never been this upset in my life - my newly adopted female cat got out outside and we can't find her anywhere?

I have no idea how, but my 8 mo female spayed cat got out. Neither of us saw her get out, but we were doing spring cleaning all I can think is that…

ASKED BY Member 1243128 on 4/17/15
TAGGED lost, female, spayed, missing, indoorcatgotout, gotout, indoorcat IN Loss of a Pet

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My cat has been out all summer and will not come in. he is afraid on everyone even me. I open the door to let him in and?

my cat has been out all summer and will not come in.He is afraid of everyone even me.I open the door to feed him and he runs away.I will be moving…

ASKED BY Member 1195560 on 10/22/13
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Cry-Cry found a stray got attached and now the stray ran away! Do you think I should stop getting attached to animals?

Long story short I once had a dog and I got so attached when something happened and he went away I just cry, cry ,and did I say cry. And I found a…

ASKED BY Member 1166527 on 10/14/13
TAGGED strayattached IN Loss of a Pet

Austin Valentino loving memory

Does anyone know why a perfectly healthy 1.5 year old cat would suddenly die? He was up to date on shots and was fun loving and energetic?

My brother's cat who was only 1.5 years old and healthy suddenly died and we don't know why....he was playful, energetic and nothing was wrong with…

ASKED BY Austin Valentino loving memory on 10/4/13
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Struggling with cats death?

Hello, I had a 20 year old cat who had to be put down this afternoon. I am concerned, did we do the right thing ? He was getting very old, and…

ASKED BY Member 1189522 on 9/11/13
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My previous cat had coronoavirus, besides disposing of all his belongings and waiting 90 days, any other precautions?

According to the vet, I should get rid of all Pepper's and wait 90 days before bringing home another cat. Does anyone have experience with this and is…

ASKED BY Pepper on 5/4/13
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Is my kitty lonely?

Recently I lost my younger kitty Footless to cancer. Now I am worried that my older kitty Boots might be lonely. He will be 20 years this spring so…

ASKED BY Footless on 3/2/13
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Is it possible for a spirit of a feline to come back into it's body after death?

Over a week and half ago I took Princess ( 8 months old Maine Coon) into the vet to be spayed. Had a voucher, but it didn't have her name on it to…

ASKED BY Member 1031365 on 2/5/13
TAGGED aspiritofcat IN Loss of a Pet

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