I'm trying find someone who loves&knows Cornish Rex cats. I just adopted a 10yr old and know nothing about the breed?

We have been taking care of a Cornish Rex that the owner signed over to us about two months ago (as an alternative to euthanasia). Unfortunately…

ASKED BY Minger on 11/18/11
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Lilly has taken to scratching her neck until it she breaks skin lately?

I am certain it isn't fleas or mites as I keep up with her Advantage treatments. Her food is the same as I've always fed her and I make sure to keep…

ASKED BY Lilly on 9/23/11
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Back biting. Flea meds have been applied. What could be the cause of this affliction?

My cat, Harry, is over 5 years old. He keeps biting a patch of his lower back and has chewed all of the hair off. He has had his flea treatments and…

ASKED BY Member 1053581 on 9/7/11
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