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How can I get my cat to socialize with people other than me?

My fiance and I adopted my cat from the humane society when she was about 2 months old (~2 years ago). From the start, she has bonded only with me. As…

ASKED BY Member 1237491 on 11/16/14
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Its been 5 weeks but still unable to pet the new cat?

My elderly friend was given a two year old cat because her owner was moving away. The previous owner got her as a 4 week old kitten. It's been…

ASKED BY Member 1229005 on 8/25/14
TAGGED socialization, afraid, hides, newhome IN Fears & Phobias

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Calling cat...calling for me?

Some of you may recall that Tulula went missing for 5 months, being returned to us incredibly thin, but ok otherwise. Well I am thrilled to say shes…

ASKED BY Member 1210706 on 6/21/14
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My cat Fay is terrified of the ceiling fan, she wont come out from under the bed as long as its on?

Any ideas on how to help her not fear the fan? I dont want her to spend the summer under the bed.

ASKED BY Fay on 5/11/14
TAGGED fear, hiding, ceilingfan, scared, underbed IN Fears & Phobias


How can I strengthen the bond between o'malley and I?

O'Malley used to follow me everywhere when he was younger including following me into the bathroom and if he didn't get in he would meow till I let…

ASKED BY O'Malley on 11/21/13
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Previously abused 12 yr old rescue cat was doing fine and all of a sudden is scared of me?

I adopted a stray cat last year who was living in my alley, got her medical treatment and eventually she came to be a very loving and affectionate…

ASKED BY Miko on 9/18/13
TAGGED fear, rescue, fera, lhissing, scared, help IN Fears & Phobias

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How to get outdoor cat to stop running from new puppy?

I have a year old cat that runs off at the sight of our new puppy. She's an outdoor cat so she never has to deal with being in the same house and…

ASKED BY Member 1187660 on 8/29/13
TAGGED outdoor, cat, puppy, new, cooperation IN Fears & Phobias

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