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Catster.com is Hiring

Dogster Inc. is a wildly successful five-year old company based in sunny Potrero Hill San Francisco, California in the historic Pioneer Square Building. We place a high value on quality of life and quality of work. We consider our work environment seriously fun. Mass transit, bike and car parking are all easy and accessible, as are nearby parks and walks. Dogster, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer.

Positions: Search Engine Optimization Internship

Search Engine Optimization Internship
Join the team at Dogster, Inc and gain experience in the growing field of search engine optimization and technical marketing.

In this position you will work on:

  • Link building campaigns
  • Keyword research and rankings
  • Content and social media strategy
  • Site auditing for SEO
  • Gaining proficiency with SEO research, Google analytics and webmaster tools
  • Understanding SEO best practices
  • all of the above with in-house and consultant SEO experts

The perfect person will be:

  • Committed - we need a serious commitment - both in weekly hours (15+) and for at least a 3-month term. No flakes please.
  • Results/data driven - you want results and your not afraid to get into the data and metrics
  • Good Communicator - professional speaking and writing skills
  • Outgoing - Must be able to reach out to potential partners and work with other team members

This position will begin as an unpaid position with opportunity for paid employment for an outstanding person. This position is on-site in San Francisco. Class credit available.

Dogster, Inc is a San Francisco-based company that runs a network of pet-related websites and blogs. Top sites are: dogster.com, catster.com, and snuzzy.com.

Send your resume and cover letter to: jobs@dogster.com